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The world’s best bird logging app just got better with our latest release,1.7.1.  (IMPORTANT: This release is for new versions of iOS only...7.0 and greater.  Do not upgrade unless you have the newer iOS release)

What's New in the latest iOS release BirdLog 1.7

About BirdLog:

Enter your sightings into eBird right from the field with BirdLog! You can even create checklists when there is no cell phone data coverage for later upload when you return to an area with cell phone or wifi.

BirdLog was developed by active eBird users as a power app for submitting data into eBird. If you are not already familiar with eBird, we recommend that you visit ebird.org and register before using BirdLog the first time.

BirdLog is the exclusive mobile data entry app for eBird that allows you to:

✔ Plot the exact location of your sightings using your phone's GPS
✔ Easily increment species counts with a single tap or search the checklist using 4-letter codes
✔ Create new personal locations or choose an existing hotspot or personal location for your checklist
✔ Create checklists even when there is no cell phone coverage to later submission to eBird
✔ Automatically keeps track of day and trip lists that you can email to yourself or friends
✔ Enter birds quickly and easily as you see them using bird codes or full names
✔ Scroll and review your checklist before submitting it

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BirdLog is a universal app designed for crystal-clear use on iPhone, iPod Touch and Android.

 Enter your sightings into eBird where you need it ... in the field! Introductory price of $9.99 USD (Regular $14.99).

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BirdLog-North-AmericaBIRDLOG NORTH AMERICA : eBird data entry on the Fly...Where you need it!

Enter bird sightings into eBird where and when you need it ... in the field!  BirdLog is the exclusive mobile data entry tool for eBird

  • BirdLog North America is available now for the iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android devices.
  • Bird listing app: Keeps a running tally of how many of each species you’ve seen
  • Create lists even when there is no cell coverage
  • Quick Entry bar makes data entry fast and easy
  • Plot the exact location of your sightings using your phone's GPS 

$9.99 in the App Store or Google Play:

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Recent Improvements in BirdLog 1.7.1

  • New UI improvements

  • Bug fixes



BirdLog NA BirdList

★ “BirdLog will fundamentally change the way we go birding,” Chris Wood, eBird Project Leader. ★

★ “I enter more checklists simply because it’s so easy, and still have more free time at home. I’ve waited for in-the-field data entry for years,” Marshall Iliff, eBird Project Manager.

★ “The ability to record real-time bird observations in the field and have them flow directly into the eBird database has huge implications, not just for birders and eBird, but for citizen-science in general,” Brian Sullivan, eBird Project Manager.

★ “BirdLog is stunning in its simplicity and efficiency. I now enter my almost daily observations in the field with greater accuracy in time, date, and numbers,” Ohio eBirder.

This app is a must have buy - "A bit in price but well worth it. I have been looking for a app like this for a few years now. It's a time saver as well. After birding I normally go home and go on eBird and fill out my reports and it takes a extra hour for 5 spots or so. This app beats writing down your birds. The bad thing about this app is putting specie counts in in the field and you might miss a bird. Besides that this is the best thing since slice bread. What a time saver and well organized." - TheBirdman666

Excellent! - "Great app, works well and I love that I can enter my e-bird sightings in the field now. It works even better now that you can switch tasks and come back without a crash or reset. I second the suggestion of adding miles as an option in addition to km. I also really like the function where it narrows the search to the birds that are likely for the spot I am birding in. I do wish there was a way to get this functionality to work with offline checklists." - JackMoridin

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