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Birders have special needs, don't let anyone tell you differently!   We don't need hunting stuff or fishing stuff ... we need birding stuff!  To that end, we at Birds in the Hand would like to provide this page as a resource for fellow birders. If you do buy (or already own) any of these products, we would love to hear your thoughts at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Note that we are not endorsing any of these products, unless specifically stated otherwise below.

Optics -- Rugged Smartphone Cases -- Field Guides -- Battery Extenders --

Eagle Optics stocks all the major binocular and scope brands plus their own:

Great Optics from a trusted leader in the field.  Please help support this great sponsor of the BirdsEye Photo Contest.

Hunting Optics from Eagle Optics



Smartphone Cases:

These cases are designed to protect your smartphone while birding in the field.

LifeProof Cases  are advertised as being waterproof to several feet.  This is the case I use with my iPhone 4S and I love it.  I bought it myself, so this isn't a paid promotion, just my opinion. Although I don't intentionally submerge my phone in water, I love the fact that I don't need to worry about rain or an accidental coffee spill.  I also like that it is much less bulky than some other cases.  It is presumably much less resistant to physical shocks than the OtterBox cases, but still much more rugged than your typical case.  The case does make the phone somewhat harder to see, use and hear, but I found that I became accustomed to these minor irritations and don't notice them anymore.  The main drawback is that when I'm trying to play or record bird sounds the volume is really attenuated.  Overall: Highly recommended



Otterbox Defender Series for the iPhone are the most rugged cases around.  Although not as weather proof as the LifeProof cases, Otter box is has a great reputation for gear that willl protect your smartphone from drops and general abuse.  Note that the Otter series is generally bulkier than the LifeProof products.


Other OtterBoxes for Android 


Field Guides: Books


Here are the classic birding field guides.  You may want to round out your library or send one as a gift to a birding friend.



We have a special fondness for Kenn Kaufman Guides & Books.  Ken is a big BirdsEye supporter and author of its descriptive text.  



Battery Stuff:


Battery Packs   for iPhone and Android


Battery Cases for iPhone & Android Phones



Other Android Extended Battery Cases 


Solar Power & Alternative Chargers for iPhone and Android


More Birding Gear to come.  If you have any tools or accessories that you use for Birding or eBirding that you love and would like to share with your fellow Birders, please let us know by sending a email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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