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Our mission

Our mission is to support nature-related citizen science projects by building apps that encourage and improve participation.  We provide birders and other nature enthusiasts with innovative apps that help them deepen their knowledge and enjoyment of nature.


David Bell

David Bell is a lifelong birder who has spent his career in businesses devoted to improving the environment. His most fun project was helping to found the Reva Electric Car Company in India, which is now among the largest electric vehicle manufacturers in the world. Dave believes that eBird is critical to capturing biodiversity data now for driving good conservation decisions over the next decades, and is devoted to getting as much high-quality data into eBird from as many birders as possible. Dave is the leader of our flock, an enthusiastic county birder, and a bit obsessive about product quality and data integrity.  As an undergrad, Dave worked as research assistant to Ernst Mayr and ornithology curatorial assistant to Raymond Paynter in the MCZ.  Years of intensive birding therapy have helped Dave partially recover from his undergraduate degree in Physics from Harvard, his Ph.D. in Robotics from the University of Michigan and MBA from Columbia.  Dave's job is to keep the trains running on time.


petemyers sm copy

One our original founders, JP (Pete) Myers not only has a PhD in Ornithology with a focus on shorebirds, he is an accomplished biologist, environmental scientist, author and bird photographer. Equally impressive, Pete is the voice and production expertise behind our videos. When not in the studio, Pete is usually seen with his binos and camera pointed to the trees or across a lake near his home, or half way around the world. Pete has held posts as Senior Vice President for Science at the National Audubon Society, NYC and research scientist at the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia. He has dedicated his life to a love of nature and the environment and continues to dedicate himself to environmental threats to children's health, and coauthored "Our Stolen Future", a book which explores the scientific basis of concern for how contamination threatens fetal development.

"Look closely at what is in your back yard and you will gain a sense of the power of evolution and the beauty of nature."


Drew Weber

Drew Weber is a birder and ornithologist living in central New York but originally from PA. His Master's research at Penn State University focuses on grassland bird conservation which has allowed him to pass off a lot of birding as work. Drew is active in the Pennsylvania birding community as chairman of the Pennsylvania Bird Records Committee and a regional eBird reviewer. His passions include introducing people to birding and getting more people to use eBird. Drew hosts the Nemesis Bird blog where you can find the writings of several young birders. When he is not county listing with the help of BirdsEye, Drew assists us with app development project management, social media and running the North American Rare Bird Alert as the NARBA Project Manager. 


John van DortJohn van Dort is a Dutch native who started birding when he was 12. After grad school at Boston University, John became a member of the corporate rat race, first in New York City and later in Amsterdam, from which he eventually defected to become a birding bum, bouncing from one field biology and guiding assignment to the next, in places like Canada, the US, Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. He currently lives in Honduras. He is an eBird reviewer for Honduras; a regional compiler for North American Birds; a reviewer for Mexico and Central America for Butterflies and Moths of North America; an experienced bird bander and raptor counter; and a significant contributor to Xeno-Canto.  John is our BirdsEye Editor for Latin America and focuses on developing our photo, text and sound libraries for Latin America.



Oscar JohnsonOscar Johnson is a field ornithologist and biologist based in southern California. He spent much of his formative years birding and traveling with his family through North and Central America and the Caribbean. Since obtaining his B.S. in biology from the University of California Santa Cruz he has continued to travel and work as a field ornithologist on projects in Hawaii, California, and Arizona, interspersed with birding trips and guiding to the neotropics. When not birding, he can be found backpacking, rock climbing, fishing, and sailing.  At his tender age, Oscar is already a former (and future) member of the California Bird Records Committee.  Oscar writes and edits text and photos for areas in which he has extensive field experience, including Hawaii, North America, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America and northern South America.  He also maintains the BirdLog and BirdsEye taxonomies in compliance with the Clements taxonomy.


georgemayfield sm

You may recognize George Mayfield's name from our support emails. George migrated away from corporate IT jobs to follow his passion for nature and tax write-offs for high tech toys. Today George leads our Help Desk and is happy to answer questions and provide application support for the entire app family. In addition to our feathered friends George is a bit goofy about elephants and just about any of the smaller critters that most sensible people shy away from.

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