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BirdsEye's Sponsor a Bird Program

QuetzalLodgePromote your business while helping our users and supporting bird conservation!  

How?  By helping our users find the birds they want to see!

You can contribute photos or text, which provides free exposure for your name and URL.  If you are looking for a higher level of visibility, then you can "Sponsor a Bird."  Better yet you can do both!

Best of all, you are helping our users, who will appreciate and benefit from your sponsorship.  Sponsorship is not an ad; instead, you are providing valuable information that will help our users find target birds based on your local knowledge.  This information must be reviewed and approved by us for accuracy, helpfulness and compatibility with our mission.  Also, your sponsorship will bring in money to help reduce the prices that our users need to pay.  


Sponsorship Options:

  Contributor Bronzewing Silverbill Goldeneye
Cost Free $60/year $120/year $240/year
Spots available per bird about 10 up to 3 1 1
Position n/a Top 3 Position guaranteed. Positioned above Bronzewing but below Goldeneye. Guaranteed 1st position on the bird text page. No additional sponsorships will be accepted for this bird.
Logo None. None. None. You can include a logo/link on any photos submitted by you (see example).
Sponsorship text on species page none Up to 60 characters. Up to 120 characters. Up to 240 characters.
Free apps 1 free copy of any of our apps plus 1 additional copy for every 20 photos thereafter 1 free app* 2 free apps* 4 free apps*
Sponsorship requirements Photos and or text must be judged by us and our users to be of sufficient quality.  If not, they will be removed and/or edited Sponsored text must be accurate and helpful to BirdsEye users to find the bird
Organization requirements If you provide a URL, it can only point to sites that are bird-related and consistent with our mission to promote bird science and conservation.

* subject to app availability; apps received from multiple sponsorships or photo submissions can be added together

Here's how it works:

quetzal description

Suppose that a birder is planning a trip so they browse BirdsEye to figure out what is in the area and where to find their target birds.  Let's say this user wants to see a Lovely Cotinga.  If you sponsor Lovely Cotinga, they will see helpful information from you about where to find this bird. Like many species, Lovely Cotinga is easily found at certain lodges but not at others, depending on elevation, habitat, etc.  This is very useful information for a traveling birder.

Take a look at the example image to see what it might look like.

Your sponsorship is a wonderful way to contribute to bird conservation. Be a part of the fun!

For as little as $10/month you can help BirdsEye deliver unique birding apps and support bird conservation and citizen science projects such as the Cornell Lab of Ornithology eBird project.

Questions about the BirdsEye Sponsorship Program:

1) Do sponsors cover all of your expenses to build your apps?

No, they don't but contributions help tremendously!  Our goal for sponsorships is to help us to make our app more affordable while also making the app more valuable to our users by providing helpful information.

2) What birds are available for sponsorship?

Potentially just about any species in the world is available for you to sponsor and the choices are up to you.  You can sponsor one or several birds that are attractive to birders in your area.

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