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You Can Help!

If you are a BirdsEye or BirdLog user, then you know that our mission is to support bird conservation and science through the eBird project.

See Dave's blog post on why we believe birders contributing their data to eBird is important for conservation and science.  here are some ways you can help:

1) Help us donate iPods to top birders, ornithologists, students and guides in the neo-tropics who can't afford to buy their own. We all benefit, and more importantly the birds and scientists benefit, from more high-quality eBird data.

Here's the best part: contribute and get a free copy of BirdsEye or BirdLog for yourself or a friend! Everyone who donates a working device or makes a financial contribution of $25 or more to this effort will get a free copy of BirdsEye NA (iOS) or BirdLog NA (iOS or Android).  Don't forget to include your contact informatoin on the form or email us so we can get in touch with you.

All contributions are appreciated, no matter how big, or small. Note that these contributions are unfortunately not tax deductible at this time, although we do plan to fill out the paperwork for tax-empt status at some point. You can make a general contribution for us to use for software development, or you can make a targeted contribution:

  • provide funds for us to give a part-time job to a young birder (high school or college) who wants to work in a bird-related job
  • Help us build an Android version of BirdsEye
  • contribute towards creating regional or language specific versions. Currently we are hoping to find funding to support Latin American, Spanish and French-language versions for both BirdsEye and BirdLog
  • help us establish a non-profit arm focusing exclusively on bird conservation related projects.

2) Use our apps and encourage your friends to join in. Post positive (5 star reviews). These are a huge help to us!

3) Sign up for our newsletter. Forward it to your friends and post it on your facebook page.

4) Like us on FaceBook and follow us on Twitter. Join us on Google+

Share Your Pictures.5) Contribute your time. Here are some projects that can use your support:

  • contribute photos or sounds for us to use in the apps and on the website, especially in areas outside of the US where our coverage is just beginning. We will gratefully acknowledge your support with a copyright notice, your name and a link to your website as well a mention on our website
  • help us with an app
  • write blog posts, video blogs or contribute your posts.
  • help us create demo videos for our apps
  • help us write text or edit photos for our apps


6) become a beta tester

If any of these ideas interest you, please get in touch!!!

David Bell
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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