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"Enormously useful - saves time"- 5 Stars

"The new update is terrific! It makes it easier to chose a location from favorites or recent places. A barred owl flew in front of me as I was pulling into my driveway just now. It took me less that 30 seconds to submit an entry for it start to finish. That included turning on my phone and starting the Birdseye Log App. The alternative of going inside, turning on my computer, logging on the eBird and submitting my sighting there would have taken at least 7 minutes. "
-- Psalmus, iTunes

"Love, Love, Love this app - so fast and easy to enter sightings!!!"
-- Debby M

"Now you can enter sightings into eBird quickly from anywhere. It is ‎even easier than using eBird on a desktop. I used to lump some sightings into one location to save time. With this app, I find it easy to be more precise."
-- iTunes Reviewer

"The new iPhone entry system is stunning in its simplicity and efficiency. I now enter my almost daily observations in the field with greater accuracy in time, date, numbers, etc."
-- Bill J., Canfield, OH

More praise from Android Users

"Loving this app!  This app is a life saver for entering incidental and short stationary counts on-the-fly. I've got over 100 entries submitted through this app. ... The price is steep, but worth supporting a developer who is changing the face of birding. I look forward to more updates...If you're a dedicated ebirder, you NEED this app!"
-- shyloh on Sunday, April 1, 2012 at 12:06 Motorola XOOM (wingray) Version 1.08

A great start Overall I really like this app. A few tweaks are needed, but worth the relatively hefty price tag.-- Jamie on Monday, March 26, 2012 at 12:00 Google Galaxy Nexus (toro) Version 1.07

eBirding just became better A very usable app. My pen and notepad in the field are now retired.
-- Jonathan on Saturday, March 24, 2012 at 18:23 Samsung Galaxy S (SCH-I500) Version 1.07

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