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BirdLog for Android Update

2013-11-11Today we are publishing a major update to BirdLog for Android now, including North America, World and all of the other regional versions.  The biggest improvement is that we have changed the options available for entering new sightings.  Your options now include:

1. use the quick entry bar to add counts.  For example, if you type "12 bcn" in the bar and then select "Black-crowned Night Heron" from the drop down menu, it will add 12 to your count for that species.

2. tap on the number to add 1 to your count

3. tap on the species name to manually edit the count or add a comment.  this is a good way to fix errors or enter a large count.

If you have BirdLog for Android, we encourage you to update. If you like the progress, please do us a favor and post a 5-star review. And as always we appreciate your suggestions and comments on how we can improve BirdLog in our next update.  

Please consider supporting our ongoing development of BirdLog and BirdsEye for Android by pre-purchasing BirdsEye for Android, or my making a targeted donation.

This new update includes some significant improvements:

    • One-tap incrementing of counts!!!
    • Bug fix: 4-letter codes sometimes brought up the wrong bird
    • Bug fix: sometimes when submitting sightings to a hotspot a new duplicate personal location was created.
    • Bug fix: personal location names were not appearing correctly in Europe.
    • Misc crash and bug fixes.

More Bird Naming Language Options

Naming Conventions

BirdLog for Android now supports bird names in all of the following languages:

    • (Add) de -- Deutsch
    • en-AU -- English (Australia)
    • en-NZ -- English (New Zealand)
    • (Add) en-IN -- English (India)
    • en-UK -- English (UK)
    • en-US -- English (United States)
    • (Add) es -- Español
    • es-CL -- Español (Chile)
    • es-AR -- Español (Argentina)
    • es-CU -- Español (Cuba)
    • es-DO -- Español (Dominicana)
    • es-MX -- Español (México)
    • es-PA -- Español (Panamá)
    • es-PR -- Español (Puerto Rico)
    • fr -- Français (France)
    • (Add) fr-CA -- Français (Canada)
    • id -- Bahasa Indonesia
    • ja -- 日本語
    • is-IS -- íslenska
    • pt-BR -- Português (Portugal)
    • pt-PT-- Português (Brasil)
    • tr -- Türkçe
    • zh -- 普通话
    • scientific -- Scientific

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