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"New batch of apps for bird-watchers aim to make experience more interactive " - Washington Post

“One of the things that makes expert birders expert is the ability to calculate the probability of a species showing up at that date and location,"

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"New BirdLog app finally provides easy mobile data entry!" - eBird News

""Team eBird strongly recommends using this app if you have a smartphone and have hoped for an easier way to enter sightings in eBird from the field."

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A bird app that adapts on the fly - O'Reilly Radar

"BirdsEye is already reshaping those expectations. This iPhone-only birding application blends crowdsourcing, database access, and location awareness. Unlike that book in your pocket or that static app on your phone, BirdsEye adapts on the fly."

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From iPhones to SciPhones - Scientific American

"BirdsEye has entries on hundreds of the most frequently seen North American bird species and includes images and bird sounds."

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More Recent Coverage

We are happy to see that BirdsEye and Birdlog have been getting a lot of press coverage recently, and even a few awards.  It tells us that our customers see and appreciate our hard work.  Here is a sampling of some of the coverage

Birds Calgary (BirdLog for Android Review)

Bird Chick (BirdLog Review)

Nemesis Bird (BirdLog Review)

The Southwest Wisconsin Birder (BirdLog Review)

Magnificent Frigatebird (BirdLog Review)


Gadgetwise App of the Week

Stephen Ingraham Blog: "BirdsEye is another wonderful example of what the iPhone is best a easy, quick, anywhere access to masses of data from the internet"

MacWorld review: 4.5 out of 5 stars "Amazing app!"

BirdWatching-Bliss.com: Rated 5/5 stars. "While other bird field guides for the iPhone are certainly useful, this one is unique and deserves consideration by any serious birder"

BirdingIsFun.com Review: "I think it's a bargain!"

Cornell Blog: "Call it the best invention for birding since binoculars: BirdsEye"

Cornell's eBird Newsfeed: "the first iPhone app to begin to harness the power of the eBird database and steer you toward finding birds in the field"

Friends of the Bosque: "There is one revolutionary new "app" in particular you might not be able to live without..."

Monarch Nature Blog: "It is amazing what technology brings us and this is for sure what most birder will be using here soon! Photos . . . sounds . . . exactly locations to every species in North America . . . . all at your fingertips while out in the field! If you don't own an iPhone . . . now is the time to purchase one!"



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