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Websites and Apps covered by this Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is intended to provide useful information about the privacy policies of Birds in the Hand, LLC for all of the apps and websites that we manage, including but not limited to BirdsEye, BirdLog, NARBA.org and BirdsEyeBirding.com.


At Birds in the Hand, we take the issue of privacy seriously. We recognize that when you provide us with information about yourself or your business that you are trusting us to act in a responsible manner and we are committed to making sure we earn and maintain that trust. Our policy for how we use information that you provide us, or that we collect through your use of our site, is set forth below. Please note that by visiting our site, you are accepting the practices described in this notice.

BirdsEye is designed to display bird sightings from eBird, maps, photos, text and bar charts.  NARBA is designed to display reports of rare birds from various sources.  BirdLog is designed to record and enter bird sightings into the eBird database. eBird, in turn, is designed to gather and disseminate information about bird sightings. In general, you should be aware that the information you provide to eBird via BirdLog will be made public, with a few specific exceptions described on the eBird website at www.ebird.org.  eBird's policies may change over time and are outside of our control.  

You should also be aware that we may use the contact information you have provided to reach out to you with information about BirdsEye or BirdLog. 

What information we collect from our website:

When you use our apps or visit our websites, including but not limited to BirdsEye, BirdLog, DailyBird, www.birdseyebirding.com, getbirdseye.com, birdsinthehand.com, NARBA.org, ezbird.org and ezbird.com, we collect information via Google Analytics that helps us understand how people use our site so that we can continue to make it more useful and valuable over time. No information we collect in this way is directly or indirectly traceable back to a specific person. In addition to gathering basic usage information, we also collect information that helps us monitor network traffic and enables us to identify unauthorized or unusual activity on the site.

The specific information we may collect includes but is not limited to:
    •    Name of the domain and host from which you access the Internet
    •    Internet protocol address of the host server you are using
    •    Name and version of your Web browser
    •    Date and time you access our site
    •    Internet address of the site from which you linked to us, where applicable

How we use cookies
Some parts of the site may use a 'cookie,' which is a small text file that is placed on your computer's hard drive. The cookie captures no personally identifiable information. The site may use a cookie in order to log which pages you visit or to provide enhanced capabilities during your visit. You can set your browser to refuse to accept cookies; however, if you choose do to this, some features of this site and others may not function properly.

Cookies are files that store your login and other personal information on your device so that you do not need to re-enter it every time you use the app or website. Our apps and website use cookies to provide you with a more personalized user experience by storing your personal information. As an example, cookies store your login information so that you do not need to re-register each time you use the app or website. You can choose not to allow your device to store any personal information. See you device help for more information on how to do this.

Although not technically the same as cookies, we also store your some information in memory on your mobile device.  Stored infomration may include eBird logins, bird sightings, your name and adress, etc.  Again, the purpose of storing this information is as a convenience to you so that you do not need to re-type it every time you want to access eBird or our servers.  Refer to instructions for your specific device and operating system if you wish to disable the app's ability to store information.  Note however that doing so will limit the ability of the app to perform properly.

Information Submitted to eBird via our apps

Personal Information is voluntarily supplied by you when you register and submit data to BirdLog or BirdsEye. By registering, you grant us permission to associate your bird observations with unique identifiers (login name, your email, other contact information and/or your name) and transmit this information to our servers and to the eBird servers. Your bird sightings and other submitted information such as checklist comments and your eBird log name are submitted to eBird and will be made available to the public through the eBird website and/or registered eBird users for a variety of purposes including Rare Bird Alerts, Needs Alerts, Year List Top 100's, Life Lists, Patch Totals, etc.

By using BirdLog to transmit your sightings to eBird, you agree to make your bird sighting data public, including but not limited to the name you use to register with eBird, your comments and the exact location of the sighting. eBird, BirdLog and BirdsEye may also use or display aggregated information about your sightings, such as your life list, patch totals, year list, etc. A few specific pieces of information that you provide to BirdLog and eBird, most notably your email address, will not be made public as described below, but otherwise you should assume that all data you submit to eBird will be made public.

When you transmit bird sighting data to eBird via BirdLog, your sighting data is publicly available. You should not transmit any sensitive, confidential or private bird information via BirdLog. For those types of bird sightings, such as nesting locations of endangered or sensitive species, you should enter them directly into eBird and "hide" them. See eBird's website for more information about this process.

BirdsEye provides eBird data to users that was publicly available at the time we received it. Note that we synchronize our database with eBird on an occasional basis and it is our policy not to display sightings that have been marked private. However, we receive information from eBird on an occasional basis (generally about hourly for recent sightings and every 3 months for sightings older than about 1 month), so it is possible that you could mark a sighting private in eBird and it would continue to appear in BirdsEye for some period of time.

Your Contact Information

When you register for BirdLog or BirdsEye you provide us with contact information including your email address. By providing us with this information, you grant us permission to contact you with important information about the product(s) you own using this contact information.  

We may also send you occasional Newsletters, product updates and other information that we think may be relevant and interesting to you. You can opt-out of receiving this newsletter from Birds InThe Hand at any time using the links at the bottom of those items. We do not sell or provide your contact information to any outside parties without your permission, with the obvious exception that we do provide contact information to eBird as part of the bird sighting submission process.  

In order to send emails from within BirdLog, we may need to access your contact list. We do not gather or record information about your contacts, but simply use your contacts to assist you with sharing your bird sightings via email.

Debugging Information

In order to provide you with the highest-quality products possible, we record information about how our users navigate our website and apps. We also record unusual events such as bugs and crashes for the purpose of debugging and improving our website and apps. This data is sent to our servers and is used only for the purposes of helping us fix those bugs and crashes and to provide a better website and app experience in the future. In general, this information is not recorded in a way that would allow us to tie it back to an individual user.

Sensitive Species

Please be aware that your observations of sensitive species and their locations will be available to other eBird users, scientists and in some cases to the public. If you are not familiar with the American Birding Association's Principles of Birding Ethics, we encourage you to review them.

Changes to This Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is subject to change. Updates to this policy will be posted on our website at this location.




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